Canada is the home to the world’s’ most beautiful waterfalls. Every academic year, this beautiful country hosts more than hundred thousands of international students. The number of students is ever increasing and therefore it’s becoming the world’s’ most attractive study-destination in the world.

Canada is the second-best country in the world in terms of good governance for its people including immigrants and students. Students always dream for Canada to study in for several reasons. First of all, including more than 30 universities among the top most world-ranked universities, all the other universities also offer applied quality education to meet the demand of local and global industries. Therefore, almost all graduates from Canadian universities find jobs within six months because of its small population with huge resources.

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Besides that, holding a Canadian degree you can also apply for permanent residence and become Canadian citizen subsequently. Moreover, you will be exciting to experience the stunning diversity in its landscape that includes Niagara Falls, breathtaking coastlines, prairies and scenic Rocky Mountains.

International students are allowed to work 20 hours weekly during their study.

After completing the degree, international students are given opportunity to work for up to three years depending on their program duration. Besides that, many programs offer students to do internships that’s a great scope to boost their career even it is unpaid. Because, an internship with Canadian industry will deliver you hands on experience that will surely place you among the best competitor for International job market.

Canada offers permanent residence to its international graduates. Though the door is open for the immigrants from all over the world, students studying in Canadian University or college will get wider opportunity. Firstly, getting a Canadian degree, you will earn more than 30 points extra from the applicant having degree from any other country. Additionally, after completing degree, you will be given opportunity to work for the same duration you have studied in Canada and thus you will earn the points allocated especially for the applicants who work in Canada. That means, in the race of permanent resident in Canada, you have more chances to get it easily and within short period of time.